Who is NAOO?

The Network of Angel Organizations – Ontario, exists to administer the Angel Network Program (ANP), it’s goal being to create new Angel investor groups in Ontario where none existed, and foster their success with information and educational tools to transfer best practices from successful Angels. NAO-Ontario and Angel groups look to other Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE) Members, such as Regional Innovation Centres (RICs), for opportunities, and refer entrepreneurs who are not yet investment-ready to appropriate members of the ONE for mentorship and education.

As a result of the ANP, Angel investment has been newly profiled in Ontario and validated as a source of finance and aspiration for early-stage entrepreneurs, by disseminating showcases and tools, as well as through the community outreach efforts and publicly-accessible websites and offices of the Angel groups.

Mission Statement

NAO-Ontario’s mission is to bring Angel investors together with entrepreneurs and companies seeking investment for mutual benefit.  Formal Angel groups help make this process efficient.


The National Angel Network Research and Innovation Program Organization – Ontario (known as the “Network of Angel Organizations – Ontario” or “NAO-Ontario”) was formed in 2007 by principals of the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) in order to administer the Angel Network Program (ANP), established by the Government of Ontario in July 2007 with an allocated budget of $2.5 million over four years.

The success of the ANP clearly attests to the need for such a program, which has been renewed for another three years.

Relationship between the National Angel Capital Organization and NAO-Ontario

The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO), formed in 2001, is Canada’s association for Angel investors, with representation from across the country embodied in its 14 member board.  NACO focuses on its annual National Angel Summit, Angel investing standards, and international activities.

  • For more information about NACO, visit their website.

NAO-Ontario, by contrast, focuses on the delivery of funding and resources to Angel Groups in Ontario, and was originally formed in 2007 with a board of three members drawn from NACO.

For more information, please visit the NAOO website: http://www.nao-ontario.ca